Cerocon 0.5ml Capacity Concentrator


Cerocon Ultrafiltration devices combine fast sample processing with high recovery to optimize results. The Cerocon centrifugal device is suitable for the concentration, separation and filtration of dissolved solutes from a solution of up to 0.5ml. The device is best suited for the concentration of sensitive downstream applications and can for example be used for the rapid concentration of proteins.


Cerocon comes ready to use in a 2ml micro-centrifuge tube with a self-lock lid. Once loaded with sample solution may be centrifuged to a maximum of 10,000g. The device has a concentration fixed dead-stop of 10μl to avoid sample drying, this is achieved in approximately 20 minutes.

Full recovery can be achieved by inverting the inner device once the filtrate has been removed and pulsing in the centrifuge. Alternatively sample can be recovered without inverting the device by use of a pipette. If a larger volume is required for concentration the device can be refilled with another 0.5ml and centrifuged for another 20 minutes to achieve 100x.


The size of the compounds that pass through the membrane are determined by its Molecular Weight Cut Off (MWCO). The Swissci Cerocon comes with specially selected membranes with MWCOs of 3, 10, 30 and 100kDa.


Concentration and purification of proteins and biological samples
• Concentration of samples for NHR spectroscopy and crystallisation
• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Nucleic Acid concentration
• Recovery of Genomic DNA
• Removal of contaminants


Performance Benefits:

• Ready to use, just add sample
• Ideal for small sample volumes up to 0.5ml
• No cross contamination enclosed unit
• Highly hydrophilic membrane surface allows excellent product recovery even with low  molecular 
weight proteins
• Reverse spin recovery; inverted design allows very high protein recovery rates
• Ultra low binding membrane allows rapid proportionate concentration of proteins
• Concentration of 0.5ml to 0.01ml in one step
• Convenient storage for filtrate or concentrate
• Reliable and highly reproducible
• Single use - disposable device; no cleaning required
• Fixed dead-stop prevents the drying out of sample



Order Details:

  • Cerocon / MWCO 3kDa / Pack Size 40 / Code: V31003

  • Cerocon / MWCO 10kDa / Pack Size 40 /Code: V31010

  • Cerocon / MWCO 30kDa / Pack Size 40 / Code: V31030

  • Cerocon / MWCO 100k / Pack Size 40 / Code: V31100


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