SWISSCI UVP Micro-Channel Chip


The Swissci AG - UVP Micro-channel Chip features a total of five passive flow-through mixers, which inter mix smallest liquid volumes within
milliseconds. The mixers are integrated on a microscope slide size chip and cover a wide range of potentially interesting flow rates or viscosities. The slide is made of proprietary polymer mixture devised by Swissci AG to combine excellent good optical properties with biocompatibility.


The UVP Micro-channel Chip also has good chemical resistance to most acids and bases and are hermetically sealed clean room produced chips.

The Advantages of the UVP Mirco-Channel Chip


· Several channels on one chip
· Made of transparent plastic - X ray compatible
· Simple channel geometry for first results
· Slide format - SBS use in multiples of 4 units
· Useful in both screening and optimisation of crystallisation experiments
· Wide applications include chromatographic separation of biological molecules


Technical specifications
Maximum inlet pressure at 20° C  /  6000 hPa (87 psi)
Operating temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Media temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Storage temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Material  /  UVP
Sealing with simple laboratory wax, oil or crystal tape

Fluid connection
A set of connectors is available which allows the connection of standard tubes or typical laboratory tools such as pipettes or syringes to the fluid ports of the UVP Micro-channel Chip.



Order details:

  • UVP Micro-Channel Chip / Pack size 1 / Code MCCUVP1



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