Converse Concentration Deivces


Ultrafiltration is the separation process of macromolecular species and solvents based on their size. Converse devices are a particularly favourable methodology due to their flexibility and efficiency as well as the very gentle treatment of the sample solution compared to other orientations. It is a key process in Proteomics as a useful method to purify and concentrate protein solutions.

The Swissci Converse has been carefully designed to maximise the benefits of ultrafiltration with centrifugation and are well suited for particle laden solutions. The reverse direction of flow compared to standard ultrafiltration combined with the high pressure exerted during centrifugation leads to rapid processing times and excellent sample recovery.


The sample is held in the chamber on the upper side of the Ultrafilter and during centrifugation low molecular weights are forced through the membrane into a filtrate container on the inner side of the device configuration. The size that passes through the membrane is determined by its Molecular Weight Cut Off (MWCO). Swissci Converse come with specially selected membranes with MWCOs of 3, 10, 30 or 100kDa, others are available upon request. The Swissci Converse is ideal for larger sample solutions of up to 20ml.



• Concentration and purification of proteins and biological samples
• High solute concentration solutions
• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Nucleic Acid concentration
• Recovery of Genomic DNA
• Removal of contaminants


Performance Features & Benefits:

• Ready to use, just add sample
• Ideal for both large and small sample volumes
• No cross contamination enclosed unit
• Specially selected low absorption membranes in inverted design for optimum recovery
• Novel recovery spin option with very high protein recovery rates
• Ultrafiltration reversed preventing any membrane blockage even with particle laden samples
• Converse orientation results in very rapid filtration
• Single use - disposable device; no cleaning required
• Large dead stop, stable construction


Order Details:


Converse 20ml Concentrator

  • MWCO 3kDa  /  Pack Size 20 /  Code: V41003

  • MWCO 10kDa /  Pack Size 20 /  Code: V41010

  • MWCO 30kDa /  Pack Size 20 /  Code: V41030

  • MWCO 100kDa /  Pack Size 20 /  Code: V41100



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