Cryo EM Grid Box 


Electron Cryomicroscopy (Cryo-EM) has recently undergone a 'resolution revolution', challenging macromolecular crystallography as the most powerful method for the determination of the atomic structures of large and important biological macromolecules.

Grid boxes form an essential part of the Cryo-EM workflow as they enable the transfer and storage of vitrified samples on standard EM grids in liquid nitrogen storage dewars.

The SWISSCI Cryo EM Grid Box has been specially developed to improve on many features of current solutions. Backed by years of experience in Cryo-EM, the SWISSCI Cryo EM Grid Box has been developed in close collaboration with Jan Löwe at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge.

The SWISSCI Cryo EM Grid Box is made from a special polymer formulation which ensures no static charging occurs at cryogenic temperatures. The box has four diamond-shaped slot positions that each have their own number indicated on the side. No special tools are required since the lid is rotated with standard laboratory tweezers. Uniquely numbered Pressure Adhesive Cryo Labels are supplied with the boxes giving the consumer the option over marking up each box themselves. The labels enable error-free recognition of each sample and are applied to the lid allowing for easy viewing during both storage and use. The Cryo EM Grid Box is of standard size for all common Cryo-EM sample mounting and storage devices. Because mass-produced, low cost pricing enables single use, thus giving each stored sample a truly unique identification number without any chance of mixing up samples.


Performance Benefits: 


• Anti Static Polymer
• Four numbered, diamond-shaped positions
• Optional use of uniquely numbered Pressure Adhesive Cryo Label
• Label positioning allows for easy viewing of identification number during storage and use
• Ideal for liquid nitrogen storage systems
• Standard Round size
• Easy turning of lid with tweezers
• Ready to use and economical
• Disposable low-cost device



Order Details:

• Cryo EM Grid Box - Pack of 10 - Code: EM-GRID-BOX-10

• Cryo EM Grid Box - Pack of 20 - Code: EM-GRID-BOX

• Cryo EM Grid Box - Pack of 50 - Code: EM-GRID-BOX-50

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