Diacon 0.5ml Capacity Dialyser


Dialysis has been a useful separation technique for laboratories for many years. Swissci aims to bring easy to use dialysis solutions to the users who find this technique applicable to their workflow. For example in proteomics users can employ these products to separate proteins from compounds that include reducing agents, buffer salts and preservatives without the need to disturb the valuable protein complex being studied.

Diacon is ideal for gentle and efficient desalting of protein from small yield solutions of up to 0.5ml. Sample solution is manually pipetted into the device which is then held upright in the dialysate via the floating rack provided. The floating rack ensures the membrane is always in contact with the dialysate, allowing for dialysis to occur. The volume of dialysate can be as large as desired; the larger the volume, the larger the concentration differential and therefore a faster rate of diffusion occurs, optimizing dialysis.

Dialysis is recommended for 2-3 hours and then change the dialysis buffer leaving for another 2-3 hours. A third dialysis can be carried out if necessary. The Swissci Diacon employ specially selected regenerated cellulose membranes.



• Protein and peptide purification/concentration
• Removal of dyes after protein labelling
• Electro-elution of proteins
• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Protein in vitro translation
• Dialysis upstream of MALDI-MS
• Protein removal before HPLC
• Glycoprotein modification and engineering
• Enzyme activity/binding assays/detergent removal


Performance Benefits:

• Ready to use, just add sample
• Ideal for small sample volumes up to 0.5ml
• No cross contamination or leakage
• Regenerated cellulose membrane; sulphur and heavy metal free
• Molecular weight cut off of 10,000 Daltons - others available upon request
• Excellent sample recovery without disturbing valuable protein complexes
• Dialysis complete in 2-4 hours
• Gentle and efficient desalting
• Caps to prevent spillage/evaporation
• Floating tube rack provided holds up to 18 Diacon at any one time
• Single use - disposable device; no cleaning required



Order Details:

  • Diacon 0.5ml Capacity Dialyser / MWCO 10kDa /  Pack Size 40 /  Code W72010

  • Other MWCOs available upon request.

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