Diatube 20ml Capacity Dialyser


Dialysis has been a useful separation technique for laboratories for many years. Swissci aims to bring easy to use dialysis solutions to the users who find this technique applicable to their workflow. For example in proteomics users can employ these products to separate proteins from compounds that include reducing agents, buffer salts and preservatives without the need to disturb the valuable protein complex being studied.

The Diatube device holds up to 20ml sample solution one side of the dialysis membrane and up to 25ml dialysate the other, creating a concentration differential. This differential causes diffusion thus separating the large and small molecules through the semipermeable membrane until equilibrium is reached. The dialysate can be changed at any point to recreate the concentration differential for the dialysis process to continue.


The Diatube requires no preparation; it is ready to use and is ideal for large sample dialysis. The tube skin is made from regenerated cellulose membrane and is specially glued to the device to form a leak free seal; no knotting, folding or closures required. The membrane is specially selected to have the molecular weight cut off (MWCO) that will achieve the best results. The Swissci Diatube has a MWCO of 10kDa, others are available upon request.



• Protein and peptide purification/concentration
• Removal of dyes after protein labelling
• Electroelution of proteins
• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Protein in vitro translation
• Dialysis upstream of MALDI-MS
• Protein removal prior to HPLC
• Glycoprotein modification and engineering
• Enzyme activity/binding assays/detergent removal


Performance Benefits:

• Exceptionally easy to use,just add sample
• Ideal for large sample dialysis up to 20ml
• No cross contamination or leakage
• Membrane tubing skin made of regenerated cellulose membrane; sulphur and heavy metal free
• Excellent sample recovery without disturbing valuable protein complexes
• Large surface area of membrane resulting in rapid dialysis
• Caps to prevent spillage/evaporation
• Single use - disposable device; no cleaning required
• Stable construction, pipette included



Order Details:

  • Diatube 20ml Dialyser / MWCO 10kDa /  Pack Size 20 /  Code W92010

  • Other MWCOs available upon request.



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