SWISSCI Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate


The Swissci Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate is a novel system for protein crystallisation in a 96-well format. For the first time individual wells can be identified and removed without any disturbance to the growing crystals inside the plate.


The plate has been developed by Swissci AG together with leading Crystallographers. It is the result of many years of experience in successful robotic high-throughput crystallisation.


The Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate offers unique properties that make it ideal for both nanolitre crystallisation screening and microliter optimisation alike. Made from optically superior polymer (UVP) and with a new design of the wells, the plate allows easy crystal viewing and retrieval. The system is fully covered by design and patent protection.


The Advantages of the Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate

Easy crystal retrieval
Raised wide wells make the crystal mounting especially easy. Allen key system allows for smooth removal and subsequent microscopic investigation / X-ray with the novel crystal plug closure all included in the system.


Easy viewing
The wells are wide conical and have a lens effect for perfect illumination.


The micro-numbering ensures you will never loose the location under the microscope.


The optically superior polymer is UV transmissible and can be used to differentiate between salt and protein crystals.


Integral sealing
Wide partition walls between each well provides a high surface area for very good sealing with the advanced quality sealing tape. The sealing tape is integrated into the kit so there is no need to purchase additional parts prior to starting a procedure.

Wide range of volumes
Typical volumes are 50-200 μl of reservoir and 50nl-5μl drop size.

ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
The complete plate is designed to the 96-well for all common holders.



Order details:

  • Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plate / box of 10 plates / Code HDP96TUVP


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