Product Range


Swissci manufacture a number of products in each of their specialist applications areas: Crystallisation, Cryo-EM, Assays, Dialysis and Utrafiltration.


Swissci Crystallisation Range includes Sitting Drop, Hanging Drop, LCP, Interface Difusion, Microbatch and the newest addition Dialysis.


diaplate renderings2 150 (2)_edited.jpg

Swissci Dialysis Range include 3.2 µl, 0.5ml and 20ml capacity Dialysers.


cell culture

Swissci Assay microplate range include 96, 384 and 1536 Well Glass Bottom Plates.

em grid box

Swissci now have Cryo-EM Grid Boxes available all with their own unique identification number. 

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Swissci Ultrafiltration Range include 0.5ml, 6ml and 20ml capacity concentrators.


Swissci and JAN Scientific have partnered to bring the UVEX imaging systems to the market. 

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