SWISSCI AG launches a dedicated Lipidic Cubic Phase screening kit in collaboration with the MRC.


Working with innovative scientists Professor Gebhard Schertler and Pat Edwards from the MRC laboratory in Cambridge, SWISSCI AG have developed a new system for setting up Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystallisation (LCP) screens.

The new MRC-LCP kit ensures crystallography set-up is fast, cost effective and robotically adaptable. In addition Ultra Violet light can be used with the glass / UVP polymers to visualise proteins without the light scattering associated with traditional polymeric solutions.

SWISSCI AG are very pleased to announce the launch of the MRC-LCP kit developed in collaboration with the senior researchers from the MRC LMB, UK as it facilitates the automation and increased throughput of LCP crystallisation set-ups. This novel system enables LCP screening to be performed accurately and with ease – using manual – or automated systems to complete the delivery of the solutions.


The LCP technique for crystallising membrane proteins can be difficult and time-consuming to set up as it utilises highly viscous lipid mesophases to reconstitute proteins. SWISSCI AG and MRC overcame these problems with the MRC- LCP kit - a dedicated system for LCP screening set-up. This new product combines an easy to use sandwich system with dedicated coupling tapes and thin film UVP cover plates. It conforms to SBS standards and thus is perfect for modern automation applications where high throughput is required.


‘SWISSCI AG disposable crystallisation products are already being used extensively for automated, high throughput protein crystallisation in sitting drop, hanging drop and micro batch applications, not only at our facility but world-wide’ commented Professor Gebhard Schertler from the MRC-LMB ‘This new MRC-LCP system now extends the applications of the SWISSCI AG technologies to the LCP technique.

The SWISSCI AG MRC- LCP kit will be an invaluable addition to any membrane protein crystallisation laboratory and underlines SWISSCI AG market leading position in this field of research. We are delighted to have been able to contribute to the product development resulting in a system that is easy to use, reduces evaporation of the dispensed LCP to a minimum and can be stored in automated handling systems with our other crystallisation library of plates.”


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