Technology and Applications

SWISSCI  is a technology company with a basis of plastic injection moulding innovation and excellence. Manufacturing high quality innovative products for the laboratory for both research and routine diagnostics.
Our highly polished steel moulds ensure best level of opitical quality evolving from our injection moulding roots we have developed specialty kits and filtration devices for use in research and development. SWISSCI  serves the global scientific community with high quality products.
SWISSCI Production Capabilities
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SWISSCI  Production capabilities - From Concept to full scale production. 

SWISSCI Crystallisation plates - Improvements in imaging with our most advanced polymer -UVXPO

SWISSCI crystallisation plates are available in 3 polymers.  Polystyrene (PS) is a cost effective polymer that Is optically clear when using standard brightfield or visible light sources, however  when imaging drops using both cross polarised (XP) and UV light the quality of the image is impaired by the interaction of the polymer with the light source.  SWISSCI’s UVP polymer was developed to reduce the auto-fluorescence coming from the plate, improving the UV image quality. SWISSCI’s UVXPO polymer also has the same low auto-fluorescence while also showing uniform zero background when imaging using cross polarised light making it our most advanced polymer to date.

SWISSCI AG Laboratory Plastic/Microplate Products


SWISSCI AG offers novel plastic solutions. Our production areas are operated under clean-room conditions. SWISSCI AG is certified and works in accordance with the international GMP standard. Our products are CE marked.


SWISSCI AG microplate products fulfil the consistency, highest quality and finish demanded by the life science and diagnostic markets. SWISSCI AG microplates are a cost effective alternative to those currently available yet deliver the consistency and highest quality expected by the market.


The SWISSCI AG Microplate Product Range is available in a range of virgin polymers - proprietry Ultra Violet Transmissing (UVP), polystyrene, autoclavable polycarbonate and high grade polypropylene. Only materials certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) are used for SWISSCI AG products.
Recycled materials, even from current production are strictly forbidden. Plates have a wide range of temperature and chemical resistance, see product inserts for more details.


SWISSCI AG owns a state-of-the-art automated glueing line with autonomous cleanroom cell. The pictures show the automat, the gluing unit, and our planarity test system.


SWISSCI AG owns moulds for a number of proprietary microplate types. Amongst these are Swiss quality moulds for 93, 384, and 1536 square-well  bottomless plates for glueing onto transparent bottoms using SWISSCI AG proprietary gluing line.



Individual well labelling

Each well is alpha-numerically indexed for easy sample identification. Raised well rims that contribute to
cross-contamination free results ensure uniform well-to-well performance by ensuring total sample integrity.


White and black Microplates for chemi-luminescence and fluorescence readings. Opaque white plates provide maximum reflection for luminescence measurements (for example in Luciferase Reporter Assays).
Black microplates provide maximum sensitivities in fluorescence quantification (for example in Green Fluorescent Protein measurement).


Production and assembly in the clean room SWISSCI AG produces in a class 100,000 clean room: microplates are robotically detached from the injection moulding point. All products are subject to a 100% release performance test checking in addition the precision of each batch to ensure continuity of supply. Using this approach removes the risk of particle contamination, oxidative degradation, plastic discoloration and product brittleness.



High Throughput Screening

• Protein crystallisation
• Screening hybridoma cultures for antibody production
• High throughput screening of small scale expression systems for affinity tagged recombinant proteins
• Small scale screening of extraction, solubilization and cell lysis techniques for sample preparation  procedures
• High throughput screening of receptor-ligand binding studies and domain interaction analyses
• Screening of DNA libraries
• Screening compounds in combinatorial chemistry

• Multiwell plates for immunoassays e.g. ELISA, RIA measurements
• Protein and nucleic acid concentration measurementsEnhanced luminescence detection of low abundance proteins e.g. oncogene products, cell cycle proteins

• High throughput solution state and in gel digestion of proteins
• High throughput sample preparation prior to mass spectrometry


• Perfect carrier for broad range of human immunoassays
• High throughput sample preparation prior to reading in auto analyser

Metabolic Studies
• Metabolic transport studies
• Steady-state or pulse chase radiolabeling (35S) of bacterial cultures
• Radiolabeling (35S, 32P) of eukaryotic cells


• Solution and cell-based assay development
• Antibiotic screening serological tests
• Enzyme assays (Protease assays, signal transduction,kinase/phosphatase)
• Fluorescence-based cell assays (opaque white and black plates)
• Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (opaque white and black plates)
• Luminescence-based cell assays (opaque white and black plates)

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